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Cavorting Around the Cave

Don’t like the boy your daughter dragged home from a date? How do you think caveparents felt when their daughters took up with men from another species.


New DNA studies indicate that contemporary humans may have descended from the more than intermingling of Neanderthals and Denisovans. There apparently was another group of hominids horning in on the fun.

Scientists working on upgraded genome sequences for early man admit they have no idea where the third group of people came from, but they speculate nomadic bands of humans roamed the globe and one thing led to another.

We worry today about gender confusion. Early man evidently encountered species confusion, but the confusion didn’t last long.

All this prehistoric hanky-panky may explain the diversity of humans today. It doesn’t fully explain why some people still get upset when a Catholic marries a Baptist.

We are proud of ourselves for being so mobile these days, but somehow these cavemen got around, hopping from continent to continent and even to remote islands. Of course, way back then, they may not have been islands. But way back then, they didn’t have cars, trains, planes and Carnival cruise ships.

Data indicates that most humans owe about 2 percent of their genomes to the Neanderthals. Where did the rest of our DNA come from? Apparently the Denosovians who lived in Siberian caves and other hominids who lived all over. It makes you wonder with a common pedigree like this how some people got to become kings and queens.

With this relatively coarse background, you also have to wonder how we invented language, let alone cooking vegetables. But there is little doubt of the origin of native dancing by the sweltering campfire under the stars.

Now astronomers are probing the remote corners of our galaxy and beyond, looking for planets with similar planetary DNA as earth. Are there Neanderthals, Denisovians and unknown hominids  cavorting under their own stars? And do they care whether Catholics marry Baptists?


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