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Dreams: Home Videos of the Mind

Dreams are like home videos of how you wish life would be. That’s especially true for guys.

??????????????????????????????????????Some guys are dreamy, but most guys occupy dreamland.

Women may wallow in their dreams, too, but I’m a guy, so what do I know. I do know guys live vicariously in their dreams.

We can imagine what guys dream about when it comes to women. That dream seems pretty constant through actual life. But dreams of sports have an evolution that tracks pretty closely with life experience. Here’s what I mean:

  • Little boys dream about being the big-game hero, swatting the home run that helps the home team win.
  • Older boys who start playing baseball on teams dream about learning to play the game, so they don’t embarrass themselves in front of parents and girlfriends with braces.
  • High school boys dream about the big game and how they will bat against their arch rival’s ace pitcher.
  • College boys dream about weekend pick-up games that wile away a few hours before drinking beer.
  • Young adult males dream about co-ed games that give them a chance to show off in front of that special girl.
  • Young guys with kids dream about taking their little boy and his mitt to a game and catching a foul ball without spilling the hot dogs and fries.
  • Middle-age adult males dream about being the heroes they never were while they snooze watching baseball games on TV.
  • Older, but not quite elderly males dream about playing real baseball again in an adult baseball league that allows metal bats and hopes they avoid being beaned.
  • Talented senior males with financial resources and time off dream about playing fall ball in Phoenix or going to a Yankee Fantasy Baseball Camp where Whitey Ford is still pitching wicked curve balls.
  • Older guys dream about getting tickets to a baseball game.
  • Really old guys dream about being the big-game hero, swatting the home run that helps the home team win.

That pretty well describes the life of man. He starts with a big dream and, if he’s lucky to live long enough, he can still remember the same dream to the bitter end. Call it the circle of life. Or call it a looping home video of the mind.

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