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Mork, Kepler 186f and Mrs. Doubtfire

Can it be just a cosmic coincidence that scientists reveal earth’s twin just as Hollywood announces a sequel to “Mrs. Doubtfire?”

mrs-doubtfire-posterThese seemingly unrelated events spin oddly close to a common orbit. After all, Robin Williams, who will reprise his role as Eugenia Doubtfire, has been out of this world for a long time. His earlier character, Mork, may not have been an act.

Earth’s twin planet isn’t an identical twin. Scientists say it is bigger and colder, the way some earthlings perceive earth on bad days. Its “sun” is a red star, so noon would seem like our sunset. It also is a long weekend, 500-light years away.

This distant, earth-sized planet circles in what we call the goldilocks zone of Kepler 186. The planet inherited the name Kepler 186f. If we get serious about a relationship with the star and planet, we should think of a better name than a space telescope.

kepler-186f-imageAstronomers speculate living beings could walk on the surface of Kepler 186f pretty much like most of us walk around earth, since the anticipated gravitational force would be similar.

Which brings us back to Robin Williams. As Mrs. Doubtfire, Williams’ makeup and costume try to defy gravity. And he dances with a vacuum cleaner.

Reportedly Williams has agreed to strap on his old lady’s persona in the updated exploits of a divorced dad desperately trying to spend time with kids, even if it was in drag. Mrs. Doubtfire I ended happily with the dad able to take his kids to a park unsupervised and in his own clothes. Eugenia Doubtfire moved on to become like a female Captain Kangaroo, hosting a popular children’s TV show.

No one is saying what the plot trigger will be for the sequel, probably because the script is being written as we speak. Apparently not everyone is happy there will be a sequel. Mara Wilson, who played one of the children Mrs. Doubtfire conspired to see everyday, says most sequels suck. Just guessing she won’t be included in the new script.

MorkThe plot twist I would like to see is a chance meeting of Mrs. Doubtfire and Mork. (This is where earth’s twin planet comes into play.) They meet, date and mate and decide to populate the new world on Kepler 186f.

Yes, this sounds preposterous, but not much more so than a lot of other television shows – like the ones about vampires. Think of it as unreality TV.

There is plenty of precedent of an actor playing two roles, even though it might be tricky doing love scenes. Sally Field and Pierce Brosnan, co-stars in the original Mrs. Doubtfire, won’t do as body doubles.

My plot would be good for the box office, blending appeal to audiences who love romantic comedies and far-out sci-fi flicks.

All of this may just be jumbled brainwave thinking on my part. After all, the week started with a Blood Moon eclipse, which some say signaled the end of the world. Luckily, we now have another place to go in the universe.


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