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Kitten Piercings and Dog Tattoos

I’m not hip, I admit it. But subjecting your cat or dog to body piercing and tattoos? No way.

Dogs-Patches-Tattoos-1I had no idea people did this to their “pets” until reading an AP story about legislation in New York banning cosmetic decoration of dogs. Politicos supporting the ban call it “animal abuse, pure and simple.”

And you can add “human stupidity.”

What are people thinking? I still can’t believe people pierce their own bodies and ink up with tattoos. But, hey, it’s their body, so they can do what they want. Transferring their “aesthetic predilections” to animal companions is not okay.

It says something about humanity that legislation like this is needed. Pennsylvania acted first, according to AP, in response to a 2011 case in which pierced kittens and sold them on the Internet as “Gothic.”

The impetus for legislative action in New York followed reports of a Brooklyn tattoo artist who tattooed his dog while it was still under anesthesia from surgery. He created a furor when he posted pictures of his dogs tattoos online.

New Jersey, where just anything goes, is considering similar legislation.

I cannot imagine how the idea pops up to pierce a kitten or tattoo a dog. Perhaps self-medication is an explanation.

For me, I cringe at seeing my little pup in a cutesy Christmas sweater. I would throw my cookies if my pup ran up and licked me with a tattoo of a fire hydrant on her shoulder.

The New York legislation subjects human cruelty to pets to up to 15 days in jail and fines up to $250. Under the circumstances, I think a penalty with more bite is in order. Maybe like a pit bull bite on the ankle or a cat scratch across the cheek. That’s more likely to wise up clowns that abuse their companions.

Pierced kitten caseUndoubtedly some shrewd fellow will come along and challenge these animal right’s laws, claiming we routinely expose pets to similar pain and anguish when they receive a marking for identification or confirm the animal has been spayed.

Okay, this hurts a dog or cat for a moment, but for a purpose – the animal’s protection. You don’t see veterinarians getting their kicks by posting pictures online of the animals they have marked.

You want an arm-length sleeve, go ahead. You want to tat up your dog, woof woof.

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