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A Birthday Blog

Guest Blog by Sophia Meyer

“I remember someone coming home from college wishing she could write better. I only know one way to improve. Write. Often.”

Sophia and BruleeI didn’t take this text seriously at the time. In fact, I sort of scoffed and laughed at it. I especially found it amusing that he was currently in the same house as me, yet felt the need to send me a text. I have always been known to be a stubborn person. I often do not listen to what others tell me to do. I want to do things my way and on my own time.

What I should have done that night or the next day is pick up a pen and write whatever came to mind. Instead, I continued to sit on the couch and watch another mind-numbing (as Gary would refer to it as) episode of the Vampire Diaries. I thought “I’ll write when I feel like it” and did not think twice about it.

The honest truth is I have never written anything for pleasure. Nor would I say I particularly enjoy writing.

However, growing up I always received positive feedback from teachers and family members, all urging me to make use of my writing abilities. We are our own worst critic, so when I was told I was a good writer I would never believe anyone or believe in myself.

Upon further thought and consideration I have realized that the contents of that text were entirely correct. How can I expect myself to love to write and improve on my writing if I never do it? Of course I’m not going to enjoy writing if the only time I write is when I’m on my third cup of coffee, rushing to finish a paper the night before it’s due.

One of my largest supporters in life and academics is Gary. He has always been actively involved in my education and development, always pushing me to be my best. While I may think he is hard on me at times, I realize that it is only because he sees the potential in me and doesn’t want me to waste it. Therefore, my birthday present to him this year is starting a blog of my own. I am hoping that this blog not only allows me to explore my personal thoughts and views, but also allows me to improve my writing abilities.

This blog has no concentration, no particular topic or view. Instead it will simply be random thoughts and topics that I choose to write about. I am a very private person, and have trouble letting people even read the papers I write for school. This blog is a huge step for me in accepting myself and letting others see who I am. I hope that it proves to be at least somewhat interesting and I do not bore my readers to death.

My very first post is dedicated to a wonderful man, husband and role model for all: Gary Conkling. Thank-you for your continuous love and support (and occasional nagging). You have made me an overall better person and I truly appreciate it.

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