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Texas Wasn’t Knocked Up

America can relax. Texans can re-holster their sidearms. Navy Seals and Green Berets didn’t conquer the Lone Star State, using jet skis as invasion vehicles and carting off prisoners in Blue Bell Ice Cream trucks.

Solider in a Gas MaskInstead, a 7-state military exercise, code named Jade Helm 15, ended with hardly a whimper. Almost nobody noticed.

Of course, conspiracy theorists would say that was part of “the plan.” The training exercise was just a dress rehearsal for when our secretly Muslim President hatches his devious scheme to cancel the 2016 election and declare himself dictator, with yet another illegal executive order.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott certainly took the bait, as he put the Texas National Guard on alert, diverting his troops from the less urgent task of guarding the porous border with Mexico. Abbott will likely run TV ads taking credit for thwarting the feared takeover – and blaming the Obama administration for a porous border.

To the average American, it takes a Star Wars-size leap of imagination to believe members of the U.S. military would engage in a massive conspiracy to capture territory that already belongs to the United States. It is the same kind of imaginative leap that enables some Republicans to view Donald Trump as a viable presidential candidate.

Facts and logic take a backseat to fears and illogic. Bogeymen block the view of reality. Hallucinations become alternative universes.

Jade Helm 15Even Wake Up America monitors had to admit Jade Helm was not an authoritarian plot. There were no SWAT raids, political prisoners or civilian casualties. Only the bruised egos of fear-mongering critics.

The mayor of one West Texas city near a concentration of training activities said it was so low-key, nobody knew they were there. The hallmark, conspiracy theorists would say, of a well-publicized sneak attack.

The mayor was subjected to more abuse by conspiracy crazies than Texans by military personnel. Big Spring Mayor Larry McLellan saw his phone number posted ominously on the Internet and received threatening mail with warnings of government “turning on the people” and the military conducting “no-knock raids.”

Jade-Helm-PresentationMcLellan emailed his detractors after Jade Helm ended: “i would like to report everything was fine. There was no ‘SWAT and no-knock raids.’ The government is not turning on its people and there was absolutely no mark to anyone here in Texas.”

The only imprisonment associated with Jade Helm occurred in North Carolina where three freedom fighters were arrested for plotting to use homemade pipe bombs to resist the military takeover. An eager-beaver special congressional fact-finding committee should look into the background of those guys.

And maybe those GOP presidential candidates who want to fortify the military should think twice. Next time, Jade Helm 16 could be a 14-state military training exercise with Wal-Marts as staging platforms, farm tractors as tanks, Amtrak cars as prisoner trains and President Trump leading the charge.















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