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Random Acts of Humanity

Five random recent news accounts tell a very different story about immigrants, including refugees from Syria and Somalia, than the storyline lurking behind the Trump administration travel ban. Many refugees know … Continue reading

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Writing Your Own Obituary Before Someone Else Does

As your age inches toward a number that begins with a 7, thoughts of mortality naturally arise. Especially when your wife suggests that I start working on my own obit. “You’re … Continue reading

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Role Model for Women; Eye-Opener for Men

The late Mary Tyler Moore undeniably influenced generations of young women who watched her throw her hat into the air and her heart into a career. Less obviously, she also … Continue reading

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Got (Too Much) Milk?

Getting milk used to be a lot easier. As a kid, all I had to do was go out on the porch and retrieve glass quart bottles of milk delivered to … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Wordaholic

By now you know I love words. Colorful words. Onomatopoeic words. Words dripping with meaning. Newly minted words. The Washington Post published its annual list of neologisms that deserve adoption … Continue reading

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Planets of Belief

I avoid making New Year’s resolutions, but will make a slight exception this year with a New Year’s observation: In the face of an expanding, diverse universe, people are retreating … Continue reading

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Rich Man, Poor Man. Fake News, Real News.

As a young kid, I learned the price you have to pay for reporting the real news. Now I discover that you can get rich by making up fake news. … Continue reading

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