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Let the Chipps Fall Where They May

Everybody needs a role model. I would choose Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge, except it’s too far-fetched. He’s 6-7 and 23. I’m a little shorter and a lot older. Chipps … Continue reading

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Grandsons Reflecting on Grandfathers

As a grandfather, I’m naturally drawn to stories about grandfathers, especially ones in which grandsons reflect on their grandfathers. Two grandfatherly stories recently caught my attention, featuring reflections by the … Continue reading

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Hamilton: Yes, It’s Really That Good.

It isn’t often that you feel grateful for the chance to spend hundreds of dollars for tickets to a play. But grateful is how you feel after seeing Hamilton the musical. … Continue reading

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Confession: I Slept in a Trump Bed

I have a confession. We stayed in DC in the Trump International Hotel. It wasn’t a conscious choice. All the other hotels were booked. The March for Science, you know. … Continue reading

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Setting the Record Straight on Mary Magdalene

The crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection celebrated on Easter has been called the greatest story ever told. So it’s appropriate Easter is the day when a group of women try … Continue reading

April 20, 2017 · 1 Comment

The Wonderfully Beautiful World of Sesame Street

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the entire world could be like Sesame Street. The iconic children’s show, which also wised up generations of adults, has debuted a new character named … Continue reading

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From Common Tables to Common Ground

The search for common ground has become increasingly elusive. Maybe we aim for something simpler, such as a common table. Tables are where people meet, eat, drink and talk. There are … Continue reading

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