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Mork, Kepler 186f and Mrs. Doubtfire

Can it be just a cosmic coincidence that scientists reveal earth’s twin just as Hollywood announces a sequel to “Mrs. Doubtfire?” These seemingly unrelated events spin oddly close to a … Continue reading

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College Decisions, College Fantasies

Wandering around a college campus whets the appetite of college graduates to go back to school and learn all the stuff you didn’t learn because you slept in an entire semester. … Continue reading

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Digital Death Knell

In the movie You’ve Got Mail, the Shop Around the Corner goes belly up in the face of unremitting competition from a Fox super-bookstore down the street. Now life is imitating … Continue reading

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For the Love of Musk

College is about discovery and among the things I discovered in college is what makes perfume perfume. My learning lab was improbably, or at least so I thought, a raw furrier, … Continue reading

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Success as a Happy Guy

Happy and success are two words that go together, but often aren’t realized together. Pharrell Williams is the exception to the rule. The song “Happy” has made the man in … Continue reading

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Too Late for Colbert

Stephen Colbert – the comedian, not the faux conservative windbag – made it official about succeeding David Letterman as host of The Late Night Show. It is too late for … Continue reading

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Clinton in a World of Her Own

Listening to Hillary Clinton in Portland, three things are clear – she has the experience to be President, she has an compelling idea to propel her campaign and she is clearly thinking about … Continue reading

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