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Pondering Birthdays

When you are young, you can hardly wait for your birthday, which represents another major milestone – a cake, a special toy, a puppy, a bike with a gear shift, … Continue reading

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Beyond the Selfie to Selfless

In a world dominated by selfies, it is refreshing and reaffirming to see examples of selflessness, even in the worst of situations. Dr. Kent Brantly from Texas is fighting for … Continue reading

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History Without Letters, Part II

Letters revealed the secret, sexy love life of President Warren G. Harding, an otherwise unremarkable man whose presidency was scarred by scandal and whose girlfriend may have been a German … Continue reading

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Squeezing the Love Out of Sports – and Life

Parents can embrace the sports their children play so much they suffocate their love for the games. Ron Turker, a Portland pediatric orthopedic surgeon and a dad, wrote an op-ed appearing … Continue reading

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A Stairwell and a Secret Closet

Eccentric relatives are a plague. Whether it is Uncle Wilbur the Klansman or Friedrich Liechtenstein the ornamental hermit. I’m only related, tangentially, to one, and not the ornamental hermit, who … Continue reading

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Blessing Children, Not Cursing Them

Children leave bikes in the driveway, lose newly purchased sweatshirts and make messes in the kitchen. They also travel hundreds of treacherous miles to escape drug gangs and violence to find … Continue reading

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Two Ends of Medical Research

Medical researchers are studying brain farts and real farts to discover ways to make people healthy. I should have been a doctor because of my familiarity with MNEs (medically necessary … Continue reading

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