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A Truce Between Science and Religion

Religion and science have been at war for centuries. The largely pointless battle has crippled both of them. Religion is about faith and science is about proof. Neither has a monopoly on facts … Continue reading

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Slow Motion Hawaiian Disaster

Most natural disasters aren’t accompanied by calm notices that local bus service will be suspended in front a 7-Eleven store or a sign at a chiropractor’s office that says, “We’re … Continue reading

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The American Fear Factor

Dropping out of school and watching TV all day is a surefire way to see a bogeyman around every corner. You will worry more than college graduates about your personal … Continue reading

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When Billionaires Battle Billionaires

We scoff at Vladimir Putin’s Russian oligarchy of billionaires, but American politics has become, in many ways, a battle between billionaires over health care, environmental regulations and tax policy. The … Continue reading

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Happy Crap You Can’t Actually Buy

Brick and mortar retailers try everything to lure customers into their stores. Sky Mall retailers have a captive audience on airplanes that are looking for something to divert their attention … Continue reading

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Reflections on Former Iowa Cornfields

Dallas County just west of Des Moines, Iowa has a serious problem with school overcrowding. Three decades ago, it worried about President Jimmy Carter’s grain embargo. Michael Barbaro’s piece in … Continue reading

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American Women: ‘Almost Equal’

The Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been introduced in every Congress since 1923, but still hasn’t passed. While equality for women in America may be generally assumed, … Continue reading

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