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Confessions of a Wordaholic

By now you know I love words. Colorful words. Onomatopoeic words. Words dripping with meaning. Newly minted words. The Washington Post published its annual list of neologisms that deserve adoption … Continue reading

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Planets of Belief

I avoid making New Year’s resolutions, but will make a slight exception this year with a New Year’s observation: In the face of an expanding, diverse universe, people are retreating … Continue reading

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Rich Man, Poor Man. Fake News, Real News.

As a young kid, I learned the price you have to pay for reporting the real news. Now I discover that you can get rich by making up fake news. … Continue reading

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The Scary Reality of Fake News

Fake news suddenly has become big news – with real news as its victim. Paul Horner, a notorious fake news purveyor, says he played a role in Donald Trump’s election as president by … Continue reading

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How Clinton Could Have Closed the Excitement Gap

Hillary Clinton may have bumped against instead of cracking the ultimate glass ceiling because of an excitement gap. Bernie Sanders wowed a new generation. Donald Trump aroused an older, angrier one. Clinton … Continue reading

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Diversity: More Than Politically Correct

Diversity is at the heart of much of the agitation that has gripped the United States for some time and reached a head in the 2016 presidential election. There have … Continue reading

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Originalism: Remembered, Not Embalmed

The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia rekindled discussion of an “originalist” interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump picked up the the theme as a … Continue reading

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