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Changing Minds on the Stoop

Polarization has increased on controversial social issues. Some wonder how to find common ground. Liberal political operatives are demonstrating how to change minds. As explored by Ira Glass in his “This … Continue reading

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Hubble’s Humbling Discoveries

Twenty-five years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope was launched into space. A quarter century later, it is still producing vivid pictures of the vast beyond and connecting earthlings to an ever-expanding … Continue reading

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The Union of Bootleggers and Baptists

Columnist George Will can be counted on for a well-turned Edwardian phrase and for spotting public hypocrisy. His latest column contains both. Will writes that e-cigarettes have become the latest … Continue reading

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Executing Forgiveness

A jury will decide soon whether convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should be executed or sentenced to life in prison without parole. This should be an easy call. Tsarnaev’s … Continue reading

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Hyperventilating over Hyphens

My semi-scientific poll of people riding down in the elevator confirmed my fears: People don’t think about hyphens. They use them carelessly and often aimlessly. Hyphens have become another orphan in … Continue reading

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Religious Freedom at the Cash Register

The intersection where religious freedom, personal freedom and capitalism collide: Happy Couple: Hi, we’re getting married and we would like to order a cake. You have a great reputation for … Continue reading

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Seeing Through Their Noses

Uptight, Type A people are often told to stop and smell the roses. That’s something you never have to tell a dog. People may awake to the smell of coffee percolating, … Continue reading

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