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Beware Digital Deception on Steroids

Technology already exists enabling marketers to cut a TV commercial featuring actress Jennifer Aniston with flawless skin, giving a cosmetic commercial in English and perfect Mandarin. Aniston is 44 years … Continue reading

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Migration and Making the Nation Even Greater

We all are migrants or sons and daughters of migrants. We know it in our bones and DNA. From all evidence, migration on earth appears as old as mankind. Humans, … Continue reading

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Facing the Face of Mortality

It is not always easy to see mortality in the mirror. It is much easier to see it in the face of an aging parent. Facing up to mortality is … Continue reading

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May the Numbers Be With You

From the Tower of Babel to Esperanto, mankind has striven to find a universal language. They overlooked math. Galileo earned fame as an astronomer, but he may have been overlooked … Continue reading

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Perry Mason: My Chicken Broth TV

When Perry Mason was removed from its seemingly permanent noontime TV slot, I had a lot less incentive to get sick. The detective show starring Raymond Burr was my restorative … Continue reading

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The Smart, Felicitous Voice of NPR

A special voice has departed the airwaves that kept us informed and reminded us that language, when well used, can be a beautiful instrument. Robert Siegel has retired from NPR. … Continue reading

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