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The One-Man Tabloid

While Democrats pound away on policy, Donald Trump practices his well honed skill of being a one-man tabloid. As long as they spell your name right, it’s all good. I … Continue reading

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A Better Republican Angel for Trump to Emulate

Republican presidential candidates have some uplifting voices to emulate, from Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump chose instead to ape Richard Nixon. Lincoln reminded us of the better angels of … Continue reading

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Colbert Comes Back Home

The Republican National Convention has been a bundle of laughs on its own, but I also give it full credit for restoring the joy of my life on TV – … Continue reading

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Story Spewing Vending Machines

The British introduced penny dreadfuls. America gave the world the pulp novel. Now the French have given us stories from a vending machine. Instead of snacks, the Shortédition vending machines dispense … Continue reading

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America’s Police Commander-in-Chief

In a week of death, sadness, protest and pain, there was one unexpected bright spot – Dallas police chief David O. Brown. Brown openly mourned for his fallen police officers cut … Continue reading

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Tribalism, Toleration and Independence Day

Upon the occasion of a Brooklyn man who shot a Staten Island business rival five times over a pizza recipe, a New York Times writer summoned up William Faulkner’s solemn … Continue reading

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Land Use, Guns and Forks

I found myself this week once again in a land-use meeting. It dawned on me that I have been sitting in meetings like this for more than 40 years. While … Continue reading

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