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Waffles with Syrup or Strawberries

We deride flip-floppers. Maybe we shouldn’t. Changing your mind is not intrinsically bad. Admitting you were mistaken is not a sign of moral or intellectual weakness. Having second thoughts can … Continue reading

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Real Winners from McFarland USA

The Disney movie McFarland, USA,  which premiered earlier this year, is a reminder that forgotten people can be unforgettable. They can be real winners. Kevin Costner stars as Jim White, portrayed … Continue reading

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Booting Robots with Ethics

Even as we grapple with human ethics, philosophers are beginning to worry about robot ethics. It isn’t idle speculation. We’re not talking here about HAL 9000, the rogue computer in 2001: … Continue reading

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Random European Reflections

            Random reflections after nearly a month in France and Italy: I will miss our daily dose of gelato. Yes, we can get gelato here, but it’s … Continue reading

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Two Views and a Parody of America

The view of America from afar offers a disparate perspective of the land of the free. It ranges from a tribute in South Korea of American courage 60 years ago and … Continue reading

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Land of Exclamation

You don’t realize how understated and undemonstrative your surroundings are until you go to Italy. Here, seemingly anything and everything is a cause for exclamation. People in Texas may be … Continue reading

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Classy, Classic Street Music

Florence has given the world a lot of things. Great artists. The Renaissance. Gelato. And classy, classic street music. Go to most major cities and you will hear guys twanging guitars, boys … Continue reading

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