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Biology of Time

We all know we have a body clock. We just never realized how many. Circadian scientists tell us our bodies are full of clocks – regulating our glands, managing our … Continue reading

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The Reporter Guy

After my recent speech on crisis response, an audience member said she could have listened to more from the “reporter guy.” It has been a long time since I was … Continue reading

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Raising a Wild Child

For those of us from a different age, it seems curious that contemporary parents need tips on how to introduce their children to the outdoors. In our day, we just … Continue reading

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Cockroaches: Man’s Next Best Friend

Cockroaches are loathsome creatures, which people identify with grease, grime and germs. Leave it scientists to attempt to turn this anti-hero insect into man’s next best friend. The plan is … Continue reading

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Ineluctable Drones

The nonprofit group SOAR touts Oregon as the nascent commercial drone capital of America. Meanwhile, an Audi TV ad characterizes drones as creepy sci-fi movie creatures. What are we getting ourselves … Continue reading

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What You Love or How Much You Can Make

Kids nowadays go to college, take out whopping student loans and hope when they graduate to get jobs that pay enough to make payments on their student loan with enough left … Continue reading

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Ronald McDonald: From Clown to Dude

The Sunday Business section of The New York Times ran an amusing piece that was illustrated with a tattered-looking Ronald McDonald looking into a mirror at a tatted, hipper version … Continue reading

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