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The Larry and Bernie Show

You know a candidate is serious, or at least seriously funny, when they are lampooned on Saturday Night Live. Bernie Sanders gets his turn this weekend when Larry David, his … Continue reading

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February Football

College football games in the fall are won in February when the umpires aren’t around to toss their hankies. February is national signing day, when all those high school kids … Continue reading

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Breaking Bob

Bob Odenkirk went from writing comedy lines for Chris Farley on SNL to a bit part on Breaking Bad to starring in his own TV series, Better Call Saul. Apparently … Continue reading

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Wanna Be Like Fred

When I enter my second childhood, which could be any day now, I want to be like Fred Armisen.¬†Fred gets to act goofy for a living. A former Saturday Night … Continue reading

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If an Election Is a Mirror

If an election is a mirror on society, what do we see in 2016? A lot of anger, anxiety, fear-mongering and finger-pointing. But also perhaps a deep yearning¬†for genuine change. … Continue reading

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Revelations from the Campaign Trail

Presidential campaigns are meant to be revealing, we just didn’t know how revealing. For example, we have learned some of the peccadilloes, habits and beliefs of candidates. Hillary Clinton eats … Continue reading

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When Collectivism and Dumb Luck Mutate

It turns out we are not rugged individualists, just collectivists to the core. As shocking as this may be for the Freedom of Whatever groups out there, the story of … Continue reading

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