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The Legacy of Squirrel and Moose

Rocky and Bullwinkle delighted us as kids. Little did we know they were brainwashing an entire generation to salivate over subversive political satire as adults. Fond memories of the Adventures … Continue reading

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The Phantom of the Obama

The British have found a way to cope with Brexit. They turned it into a musical. Maybe we can come to terms with our own national pain in the ass … Continue reading

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Lying and a World Without Gravity

What the world be like if we couldn’t agree on what time it is or tell the difference between a green and red light? This isn’t a theoretical physics question. … Continue reading

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Hangin’ Paw with Abbie

We clearly have underrated the potential of dogs. They can fight crime, detect cancer, protect our homes, guide the blind and give therapy to the sick. Now we find out … Continue reading

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A Great Day at the Zoo

Any day at the zoo is wonderful. A day at the zoo with your granddaughter is sublime. Ten-year-olds like Ava bring curiosity and unbridled enthusiasm that adults lose through life. … Continue reading

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Let the Chipps Fall Where They May

Everybody needs a role model. I would choose Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge, except it’s too far-fetched. He’s 6-7 and 23. I’m a little shorter and a lot older. Chipps … Continue reading

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Grandsons Reflecting on Grandfathers

As a grandfather, I’m naturally drawn to stories about grandfathers, especially ones in which grandsons reflect on their grandfathers. Two grandfatherly stories recently caught my attention, featuring reflections by the … Continue reading

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