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The Ministerial Microscope

During the first two years of my undergraduate college education, I studied to be a minister. As part of my studies, I interned in three different churches in the Seattle area, teaching … Continue reading

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Taking Stock of Craziness

There comes a point in life when you need to need to take stock. I have reached the point of where I am taking stock of the crazy stuff I … Continue reading

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Osama the HR Guru

I never would have thought to look to the late Osama bin Laden for job interview tips. I should have. An acknowledged master of jihad and blowing up things, bin … Continue reading

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Letting Your Big Mind Dominate Your Small Mind

Solving a problem is greatly aided by a big-minded approach instead of a small-minded one. Small minds tend to focus on obstacles to overcome. Big minds see opportunities that leap over obstacles. Small-minded people go … Continue reading

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The Happy, Hard-to-Forget Pope

Some guys will do anything to make an impression. Wash the feet of strangers. Crack self-deprecating jokes. Make surprise phone calls to wish people well. Be quick to hug and … Continue reading

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Curing Anxiety on Your Own Couch

Anxiety-sufferers no longer have to feel the added anxiety of going “on the couch.” Now they can get help on their own couch. An online service called Joyable offers cognitive … Continue reading

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