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Banking on the Candidates

When campaign finance restraints toppled, an unexpected problem emerged – where to put all that free-flowing, excess campaign cash. Naturally, a former politician from a banking family came up with … Continue reading

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The Giant Nut

For reasons beyond my understanding, there I was watching the BattleBots world championships with my son-in-law. It was like watching a big-time boxing match with nerds and nerdettes. There was trash … Continue reading

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The Pooping Cyclist and My Stained Shirt

I spill food on my clean shirt and I feel stupid. I might try a Tide pen or 7-Up to remove the stain, but it doesn’t occur to me to take … Continue reading

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Ima Kettle. You’re a Rose Bush.

If you wanted to write a mystery story, you would want to sketch the protagonist as tall and ripped with a name like Rock Stone. Too late. Rock Stone already exists … Continue reading

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You Know You Are Coot If…

You know you are a coot if you go to the closet and look for your favorite shirt with a huge, permanent stain on the front. You know you are a … Continue reading

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The Death Penalty and Its Victims

The death penalty evokes a range of deep emotions. So does its repeal. Defenders of the death penalty say it serves as a deterrent to crime and a tool in … Continue reading

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Move Over Kid, Time for Camp

It’s summer and time for camp. Even if you are an adult. Summer camp for 30-somethings and up may hold nostalgic appeal. Or it may be a way to get … Continue reading

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