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Flight of Fancy with Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson would have loved to fly in a modern airplane. The President who comes closest to the American Renaissance Man would relish the aerial perspective of the world that … Continue reading

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The Fat Farm Boot Camp Known as Moving

Why go to a fat farm boot camp when you can volunteer to help someone move to a new house. If you are a glutton for punishment, pick someone with a … Continue reading

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Time for the Next Core Four

Alex Rodriguez tearfully announced his retirement Sunday, marking the end of an era in Yankee Stadium and, if Yankee fans like me are lucky, the start of a new generation of … Continue reading

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My Birthday Wish: No Presents, Just Laughs

It’s my birthday. I don’t want any presents, but I have some birthday wishes. I wish people would stop using the word “like” as a sentence filler. “Umm,” “er” and … Continue reading

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The One-Man Tabloid

While Democrats pound away on policy, Donald Trump practices his well honed skill of being a one-man tabloid. As long as they spell your name right, it’s all good. I … Continue reading

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A Better Republican Angel for Trump to Emulate

Republican presidential candidates have some uplifting voices to emulate, from Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump chose instead to ape Richard Nixon. Lincoln reminded us of the better angels of … Continue reading

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Colbert Comes Back Home

The Republican National Convention has been a bundle of laughs on its own, but I also give it full credit for restoring the joy of my life on TV – … Continue reading

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