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Counting Minutes of Your Life

Rehab for an elite athlete is a chore and a challenge. Rehab for a 90-year-old woman with a replacement hip is something quite a bit more. A week ago, my … Continue reading

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Obama’s Best Week and Finest Hour

When I think about having a good week, it often involves time to write something worth reading, a good glass of wine and an Oregon Duck football victory. That pales … Continue reading

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The Overdue Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

Like a majority of Americans, I was pleased – and relieved – by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling today on same-sex marriage. Recognition of the rights of gay people in … Continue reading

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Trump as the Real Colbert

Finally there is a remedy for the loss of the Colbert Report – Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Once again we will be able to watch and listen to a self-absorbed … Continue reading

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Not Lying Down for Sit-Down Rip-Off

I can remember when my son was heartbroken after I told him his brilliant invention had already been invented. Now I know how let down he felt. My brilliant idea … Continue reading

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Steve Kerr, the Magna Carta and Lies

Golden State Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr admitted telling a lie about his starting lineup before critical Game 4 of the NBA Championship series. His lie proves that a bad … Continue reading

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Apocalyptic Love

Alien invasions. Suffocating dust storms. Zombies. Nuclear annihilation. Giant insects. A menacing lizard. Unleashed zoo animals. Angry apes. Why are we so fascinated by pictures of apocalypse? As a youth, I remember … Continue reading

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