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Hip-Hop Hamilton

It would be a rare bird who got excited at news of a hip-hop Broadway musical centering on Alexander Hamilton. But just as Hamilton may be bumped off the $10 … Continue reading

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Visions Trump Flaws

Stepping back a bit from day-to-day politicking, the 2016 election may be boiling down to a voter assessment of a candidate’s vision versus his or her flaws. This could explain the … Continue reading

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Birthright Citizenship and Political Code

Most people, including me, viewed Donald Trump’s announcement for the presidency as an indulgent rant. But what if his unfiltered monologue, especially the part about rapists and murderers from Mexico, … Continue reading

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A Pioneer in Provocation

Before Donald Trump, the trail of political provocation was cut by John Fremont, Joseph McCarthy and, more recently, S. I. Hayakawa. Fremont was quixotic and McCarthy a paranoid drunk, but Hayakawa … Continue reading

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Puppy Parties, Puppets, Pupils and Susie Reimer

So much news. So little time. The latest party animal idea – puppy parties. And this isn’t just an idea for the kid who has done everything. Adults can cuddle … Continue reading

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The Jocular Journalist Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart stepped off the stage last week on The Daily Show as an icon of fake news. He should be celebrated as a real journalist. Stewart’s desk will be carted quite … Continue reading

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Trump: A Democratic Decoy?

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has pondered whether Donald Trump is a secret agent for the Democrats. Political and Pop Culture Analyst Andy Ostroy writes in a column … Continue reading

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